Remember these 2 tips to handle parenting disputes

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Parenting issues often arise during divorces and afterward, because parents are trying to adjust to raising their children between homes. Of course, there are times when all parents argue or disagree on how they should raise their children. The most important thing is that both people can agree to work together to resolve their dispute and do what’s best for their children.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation with your ex-spouse and are struggling to work out how to handle a problem with your child or their schedule, it’s a good idea to know a number of ways to communicate your concerns and work together to resolve them. Here are two important tips.

1. Don’t start out defensive

Starting any conversation out defensively is a good way to alienate the other person. If you have a problem with something your co-parent has done or said to your child, approach it from a place of understanding first. Ask why they did what they did or why they felt a certain punishment was necessary so that you can get the full story. Then you should talk to one another in respectful terms.

2. Don’t play the blame game

The last thing you should do is start blaming each other when something goes wrong. As parents, your goal is to raise your children well. Mistakes will happen. Try to be understanding and compassionate, so that you can work through the problems that arise without aggression or animosity toward one another.

These are just two very important tips that can help you approach difficult conversations about parenting issues. Be respectful and kind to one another so you can resolve issues as they arise.

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