Misconceptions about co-parenting can hurt your child

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Co-parenting has long been a reality for many divorcing couples. Did you know that there are many misconceptions about co-parenting? Would you like some tips to make it easier?

There are some misconceptions to address first. For example, most people think that co-parenting has to mean that you always agree on how to raise your child. That’s not true because even happy couples won’t always agree on how they want to raise their children.

Another misconception is that the way the parents interact won’t matter as long as a child gets support from both parents. That is another myth, as negativity and fighting can be detrimental to a growing child.

What are some mistakes to avoid with co-parenting?

One mistake to avoid is talking about the struggle of co-parenting with your child. Your child, even when an adult, should not be burdened with your personal issues with their other parent.

Another thing to avoid is talking negatively about the other parent in front of your child. This can make your child resentful and hurt their ego.

Finally, try not to have different rules in each home. While children can adjust, the different rules make it harder for children to comply and can confuse smaller children. It may even pit one parent against another since one is more permissive.

At the end of the day, how you raise your child or children while divorced is dependent on many factors, but parents need to do what they can to make sure their children understand the rules, have support and don’t have to worry about the details of a broken-down, adult relationship.

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