Dividing property? Know the rules and protect your share

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When you have property to divide during a divorce, it can be difficult to choose how you want to split it. As you may have realized by now, California law does require that you split your property 50-50, unless you and your spouse can agree to different terms.

Sometimes, that arrangement works out well, but in other cases, you may feel that you’re losing more than is fair. In any case, it’s smart to talk to your attorney about your property because your case could be more complex than you think.

Complex property division cases can involve many different factors such as:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Stock and bonds
  • Businesses and partnerships
  • Real estate
  • Investments

You may have digital or physical assets to look at as well as other concerns. Your attorney should be there to talk to you about them and all you need to do to divide them in a fair manner. Equal property division isn’t always fair, but you can still alter what you take with you versus what the other person receives. Even if you do have to split your property in half, that doesn’t mean that you have to sell your business or properties. There may be other options to help both people walk away satisfied.

Our website has more information on complex property division and what you should do if you want to divide your property in a fair manner without losing what is important to you. You need to consider how you will divide your property carefully before making an agreement to submit to the court.

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