Don’t risk it all: Get professional support for your divorce

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You and your spouse both make good money. Together, you easily pull in six figures. Now, you know that you’re going to be going through divorce, and the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to could end.

For the longest time, you’ve been the supportive partner. Your job paid less, but your money could go into the stock market and retirement accounts. Yours was used to pay off debt and to build up assets. On the other hand, your spouse’s money was just saved and put aside. They spent it on what they wanted. Yes, your spouse covered your mortgage and utilities, but everything else was on your shoulders.

The idea of losing your marital property is devastating to you. You know your spouse has more money hidden away and saved up, so they have more to use in a legal battle. You’re positive that they’ve transferred assets to third parties and invested heavily to make it appear like they have nothing to share with you.

You’re right that this is a complex situation. In California, you are legally entitled to 50% of your marital assets based on community property laws. However, if your spouse hides assets or has put them away into accounts only in their name, it could be harder to get what you need.

This is a situation where good legal guidance can be extremely helpful. Money isn’t everything when it comes to building a case. Your attorney will work hard to negotiate on your behalf and to help you locate assets that you may not have known about. With other professional support, such as the support of forensic accountants and tax professionals, you will be in a good position to negotiate for your fair share.

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