Civility goes a long way during a divorce

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When a couple makes the decision that their marriage is no longer working, there is likely to be a lot of volatile emotions in connection with that realization. Divorce can bring out the worst in people. California couples finding themselves in this realm are often hard-pressed to remain civil to each other, but navigating the divorce process can be much less stressful when each individual has the goal of reaching a fair and comprehensive settlement. That is much more likely when soon-to-be former spouses are amicable.

There is an old adage that says one can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Courteous behavior goes a long way in helping to smooth out contentious issues during a divorce. Those issues can include everything from the division of assets to co-parenting. The irony is that part of the reason two people find themselves going through a divorce might be due to the unpleasant way they treat each other, so trying not to snipe at each other during a divorce might take some doing.

Making disparaging comments about a spouse won’t help each individual to get his or her fair share of the assets or to get custody arrangements or support that is favorable. Besides, abusive or hostile behavior could go against a person should the divorce end up in court. Bad behavior won’t go far with a family court judge.

A California lawyer may be able to help his or her client to set their emotions aside and to develop a strategy to reach his or her divorce goals. The only way to avoid court is to resolve issues by agreement. There are times when going to court is necessary, but an attorney will assist his or her client when the goal is to concede on issues and to avoid litigation.

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