Getting the right experts on your divorce team

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When a marriage suffers a breakdown and spouses decide their union has come to an end, it’s important that each individual has people available who can provide advice and guidance. Divorce is never easy even in the best of circumstances. In addition to each person having independent legal counsel, the advice of professionals in other fields may also be beneficial.

In every divorce situation, a couple must have assets valued — that goes for everything from a marital home and other properties to antiques, jewelry, artwork and other collections, etc. Assets have to be valued before they can be divided and that often takes the acumen of experts like appraisers who can be found for most all categories of valuable assets. The financial aspects of the marriage also need to be analyzed.

In many instances in high-asset divorce cases, accountants and forensic accountants need to be called in. A forensic accountant can look deeply into financial records and can examine the spending habits of each spouse. This type of information may be used to determine spousal support amounts. Other who may be called upon for advice might include brokers, bankers and family therapists.

A California attorney may be able to offer his or her client the names of experts from which to choose to help the client in the divorce process. There may be occasions where the same expert can help in more than one area, such as forensic accountants. A lawyer will always have the best interests of his or her client at heart and will make suggestions to that end.

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