Who are the experts I will need in my divorce?

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Ending a marriage can be a complicated process. Couples in California who have decided to divorce may need to seek the independent advice of a number of experts if there are contentious issues. Although separate lawyers can see each person through the divorce process, the attorneys may advise getting help in other areas such as for the valuation of assets.

Assets have to have a value attached to them before they can be divided. For that an appraiser might need to be called in. There are appraisers for everything from real estate, to antiques and fine art and jewelry. Appraisers could also be forensic accountants who are specialists in specific areas.

Forensic accountants could also be called in to identify income and assets that aren’t found on a tax return. They could delve into records more deeply and this kind of information could be used to calculate support payments. Many times, cash flow might need to be traced and identified as a marital asset or not.

If soon-to-be former spouses in California agree on the important issues like how they will split their assets and debts, they may not need to engage many experts. But when there is a need to involve more than lawyers in a divorce situation, an attorney may be able to offer the names of reliable experts to help his or her client. A lawyer will work with his or her client to ensure a client’s finances and assets are presented fairly.

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