Domestic Partnerships And Same-Sex Marriage

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Domestic Partnership Lawyer & Same-Sex Marriages

Because same-sex family law issues are fairly new to the field of family law, they require the nuanced and careful attention of a legal professional. Not all family law firms have the resources or skills required to tackle same-sex family law cases, such as same-sex marriage. This could potentially lead to irreversible consequences that could have been avoided. Our Menlo Park family lawyers approach same-sex family law cases as a team to ensure no detail is left unaddressed.

At Flicker, Kerin, Krueger & Bissada LLP, we provide sophisticated legal representation to same-sex domestic partners in Menlo Park and throughout the Peninsula, as well as in San Ramon and throughout the East Bay.

In California, same-sex and domestic partnership couples are granted the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. Two individuals (of the same or opposite sex, who are of a certain age) in a committed relationship who live together can register as domestic partners and receive the same benefits shared by husband and wife. Our firm represents same-sex couples filing for divorce in all categories; those who entered into a domestic partnership, those who entered into domestic partnership before the legalization of same-sex marriage and then legally married, as well as those that married after the legalization.

What Benefits Are Offered to Domestic Partners?

Because the state recognizes domestic partnerships as the equivalent of marriage, couples who register as domestic partners can receive the same legal benefits of marriage. These include:

  • Coverage on family health insurance policies
  • Sick and / or bereavement leave
  • Visitation rights in hospitals and jails
  • Accident and life insurance
  • Parental leave (if co-parenting a child)
  • Housing rights at universities (and tuition reduction)
  • Death benefits

In the event you and your domestic partner decide to end the relationship, these benefits could be lost. Any shared property and assets will also be at stake. An attorney can guide you through the process of terminating the domestic partnership to ensure your rights are protected in the division of shared property and the establishment of custody and support agreements.

Ending Domestic Partnerships & Filing for Divorce

Ending a domestic partnership requires legal attention to matters concerning child custody and support, visitation rights, and division of assets. Whether you’re filing a notice of termination, dissolving the domestic partnership, or terminating it, an attorney should be present to protect your rights and represent your interests. At Flicker, Kerin, Kruger & Bissada LLP, we work closely as a team to create personalized resolutions to our clients’ legal issues. We handle all domestic partnership cases with empathetic support and a professional attention to detail at our offices in San Ramon and Menlo Park. We also represent clients in same-sex divorces and work strategically to protect their rights and interests.