How can you parent best in a digital world?

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Parenting can be hard when you are together with your spouse, but when you divorce, you may not know everything your child’s doing every day. This is made even more difficult with the digital age, in some ways.

With digital technology, there is a whole different reality where your child may be “living.” They interact with friends, share images and more. If you and your ex-spouse haven’t talked about it, you should consider having a long discussion about your child’s access to digital devices.

Depression is on the rise with digital connections

A new study from the Journal of Abnormal Psychology has asserted that teen depression has risen by a shocking 47% in children between ages 12 and 13 between 2009 and 2017. Teen depression, on the whole, has increased by around 60%. This increase is linked to factors including digital media use and technology. Combined with outside factors, like divorce or trouble at home, your teen could end up struggling.

How can you help your teen avoid trouble online, especially after a divorce?

Focus on empathy. Be kind as much as possible, and teach your child to think about what other people are going through. Doing this can help them avoid some of the most significant problems, like bullying, and get them on the path to using digital devices safely.

With you and your ex-spouse both on board, it’s a good idea to set up restrictions on the internet and to be watchful. Digital technology has a place in the home, but you don’t want it to have a negative impact.

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