The holiday season could lead to more divorce filings

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The holiday season can be difficult and stressful, and for some people, it can lead to problems in their marriages. This is why people frequently choose to move forward with divorce at some point during the holiday season. In fact, there is an increase of divorce filings this time of year, and you may be at a point where you think this is a beneficial course of action for you as well.

Some people may experience a significant amount of pressure during the holidays. There are presents to buy and events to attend, and this can add even more strain to a relationship that is already having trouble. Financial troubles can also be more prominent this time of year. You are probably aware that money and disagreements over finances is one of the leading causes of divorce.

What causes a marriage to break?

The choice to divorce is never easy, even when two people are amicable and committed to working together for a beneficial outcome. The reasons why a person decides to move forward with this choice are deeply personal and emotional, and they can be the result of months or years of difficulty. In many situations, the final reasons why a relationship is no longer working relates to time or money.

During the holidays, differing opinions on how a family should spend time can lead to disagreements. These can lead to more intense fights, which in turn can lead to a desire to end the relationship completely. This is also the case with money. Different perspectives on money can weaken and eventually cause a marriage to fail. 

Your future interests

Maybe you’ve already made the decision to move forward with divorce, or maybe holiday stress led to a realization that this was the right step for you. Either way, it is never too early to start thinking about how you can protect your interests long term. No matter how you feel, impulsive decisions can lead to complications down the road. It is beneficial to slow down and speak to a California attorney about your rights and options before you make any important choices.

The holidays are hard, especially when you know that a divorce could be in your near future. You don’t have to walk through this difficult process alone, but you can speak with an experienced legal ally regarding what to expect when you file and how you can start preparing now for what is ahead.

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