Comparing divorce stories is ill-advised

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Humans often try to find solace in other humans. As such, when something happens that is likely to be life-changing, some people like to share and compare stories. But California residents who are facing divorce should know that their particular stories might be altogether different than the stories of their friends’ divorces, and experts say making comparisons may do more harm than good.

Focusing on one’s own situation rather than comparing it to others’ may help one to move on more positively and look at divorce as a beginning, rather than as an ending. Just because someone’s divorce is rife with animosity, anger and hatred doesn’t mean every couple’s will be. Statistics show that the vast majority of people handle divorce just fine and actually become happier individuals because of it.

In terms of comparisons, professionals also say former spouses should not compare themselves to each other in terms of the time it takes to heal and the time it takes to become involved with someone else. Every person moves at his or her own pace when it comes to such monumental changes that are likely to arise from divorce. Divorce is a chance for former couples to focus on themselves as individuals and pen their own divorce stories, rather than compare their situations with others.

There are many things to think about during the divorce process. A California lawyer can help a client to navigate his or her own divorce story and help to write the kind of outcome that is fair and comprehensive for the client. Divorce can be complex and the issues can be confusing, but having a lawyer’s advice may make the going less exasperating.

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