Grief: A part of divorce

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During a divorce, there is a chance that you could be living with grief. It’s normal to feel sad about the end of your relationship and the loss of the community you built with those in your new family. You know that you may have to lose friends or people you’ve come to be close with other than your spouse, which makes your divorce extremely difficult for you.

It is important to take the time to grieve after a divorce. The reality is that you may be stressed or hurt from what you’ve gone through, and it will take time to heal. Taking time for yourself to focus on the things you love and care about is a great way to do this.

Remember, grief can be disguised

Grief can be disguised during divorce. You might feel anxious or be dealing with emergencies that give you little time to focus on the losses you’re dealing with. This often makes it harder to deal with the loss and may extend the length of time you need to heal.

Grief may be difficult without the people you’ve come to rely on

The people you’d normally grieve with may not be available during the grieving process for divorce, such as your spouse, mother-in-law or others. This can make it hard for you to deal with your emotions or to find an outlet for them.

In the end, time heals. Take time to focus on yourself and your interests, self-care and wellness. If you do, you will soon begin to emerge from grief and be ready to move forward.

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