Worried about custody? You might want to go back to court

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You love having kids, and you can appreciate that your ex-spouse was once someone that you wanted to have children with. You don’t want to limit their time with your children, and you don’t want to be limited, either.

Unfortunately, you’ve had a lot of problems with your custody arrangements. You’re trying to decide if you should go back to court or keep trying to work something out casually.

When is it appropriate to go to family court?

One time when it’s appropriate to head back to the courtroom is if you want to change your custody schedule or if you need to seek emergency help with a custody issue.

For example, do you know what to do if your ex-spouse has someone move in with them that you don’t approve of? If you don’t want your children to be around that person, then you might be able to seek changes in your custody arrangements.

Should you go to court if your ex-spouse isn’t following through with the custody schedule?

Yes. Only a judge can enforce a divorce decree and your custody schedule. If your ex-spouse is not coming on time to pick up your children or has stopped exercising their parenting time, then it’s time to talk to the court about making changes. Similarly, if you’d like more time with your children but are struggling to get your ex-spouse to give them up for your rightful parenting time, you can ask a judge to enforce the schedule.

Our website has more on custody and your rights. You may want to consider returning to court if your custody situation is not working out as planned.

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