Your complex case may be difficult, but there’s help available

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Sometimes, it’s not easy to divide your property. You may have been together with your spouse for many years or have unusual assets that may be difficult to separate.

Your case may be complex, and if so, it’s a good idea to get to know your legal options. While it’s never a great idea to try to separate your assets on your own, it’s even more difficult to know the true value of what you have and to separate your marital assets fairly in complex cases.

How do you know if your divorce is complex?

Your divorce may be a complex case if you have many issues to cover such as:

  • The division of retirement accounts
  • The division of pensions
  • Military separation and divorce with benefits to consider
  • The division of stocks, bonds or other digital assets
  • Owning a business and dividing it upon divorce

All of these and other factors can make a big difference in how easy or difficult it is to resolve your case.

Another thing that can make it difficult to separate your assets is that California is a community property state. As such, it’s expected that you and your spouse will split your assets as close to 50-50 as possible. This may make your situation a little more complex, especially if you have assets that you can’t sell or divide easily.

Our website has more information on complex divorces and the steps you can take to resolve your divorce issues. With help, you can move forward and come up with a settlement that will work for you.

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